Footpaths & Bridleways

Footpaths & Bridleways



Public Footpath




The Latest Maps Provided ( as pdf downloads ) from the Lincolnshire County Council, showing official Footpaths & Bridleways

1. Main Access Map , 2. Walking Access Routes


 For more dynamic online images, go to the Lincolnshire County Council Web Site.

Lincolnshire Public Rights of Way






Social Distancing during the Coronavirus.


Due to the footpath crossing the front of several properties on Hargreaves Row, it is difficult to keep to the 2 metre Social Distancing if the residents are in their front gardens. Therefore a diversion has been put in place, at the adjacent property off Doddington Lane, that allows walkers to access the footpath stile at the far end of Hargreaves Row, by taking a parallel route, clear of any residents. Whilst the simple diversion is not mandatory, please respect the request from Hargreaves residents during this difficult time.

Thanks go to the neighbouring resident for allowing this temporary access.


Martin Davis

Stubton Parish Council



Messsage from the Parish Council, regarding Beeswax Permissive Paths, 23rd March 2018

Following discussions that Rob and I have had with Beeswax Farms, we can now confirm the following and please note that the letters (A) etc refer to the map below :
1. Footpath from Brandon Road Point (C) around the reservoir to Doddington Lane Point (B) can now be used by horse riders as well as for walkers. However, from Point (C) to Point (A) this section will be closed during the shooting season. Point (A) to Point (B) is all year round use. There is also a new trail of a headland walk from Point (B) via (D) to (E); this element is permissive and under trial.
2. With regard to the bridleway that runs from Fenton to Gorse Lodge a new permissive bridleway is to be created from Point (H) to Point (I). You will see that this now allows uninterrupted use of the bridleway from Fenton towards Brandon. As a bridleway it can, of course, be used for horse riders and walkers. It is available all year round.
3. A permissive bridleway from Point (L) on Brandon Road to Point (M) on the restricted byway that runs from Littlegates to the main road near Brandon. This will be on the farm track to the east of the dyke that runs from North to South. This section will also be closed during the shooting season.
Our discussions with Joanna Stapleton from Beeswax Farms were open and positive and we appreciated the contribution from Beeswax to arrive at what we believe is a very satisfactory outcome. We all agreed that the above would operate, initially, for one year to make sure that there are no issues.
Here’s to happy walking and riding.
Hugh and Rob


Restricted Footpaths

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Permissive Paths


Public Footpath

Permissive Path (Dry Dod Lane) entrance [B] on map above

Public Footpath

Bridge on the Rectory/Littlegates Footpath & Bridleway, point [A] on map above [Mac & Fin surveying the new route]

Public Footpath

Fishing Lake on the Permissive path [A]-[C], closed during the Bird Shooting Season, until 1st February












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